Is Russell Westbrook Vegan?

No, Russell Westbrook is not vegan. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard has expressed his appreciation for vegan food and healthy eating in the past, and he does his best to maintain a balanced diet that fuels him through the rigors of an NBA season. However, he still gets most of his protein from animal sources and isn’t following a strict vegan or vegetarian diet.

What is Russell Westbrook’s Daily Diet?

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is one of the most athletic and successful NBA players in history, so it goes without saying that his diet is an integral part of his overall health and performance. To keep up with the intensity level required to compete on the court, he adheres to a strict diet plan that focuses on providing him with both key nutrients and sufficient energy.

An average day for him might look something like this:

  • Breakfast: A smoothie or protein shake made from eggs, fruit, almond milk, nut butter & spinach as well as oatmeal with berries for added carbohydrates;
  • Lunch: A healthy wrap or sandwich containing lean proteins such as salmon or chicken paired with plenty of green vegetables;
  • Snacks: Homemade trail mix featuring nuts, seeds & dried fruit which supplies vitamins & minerals plus complex carbohydrates;
  • Dinner: Lean proteins combined with steamed vegetables for fiber & vitamins along with mashed potatoes or a salad full of veggies.

Why Is Russell Westbrook Not Vegan?

Russell Westbrook is not vegan for a variety of reasons, as he explained to ESPN in 2017. For starters, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard does his best to get essential vitamins from plants and vegetables but also gets many of them from meat products. He noted that he believes in finding a balance between clean eating and having other sources of nutrients like lean meats.

What Is Russell Westbrook’s Favourite Food?

When it comes to dining out, Westbrook enjoys sushi, although he said during a 2017 interview with Men’s Health magazine that he also “eats döner kebab late at night—that’s my favorite type of food to eat before games.” He’s been seen eating some of the best sushi in Oklahoma City at establishments like Sushi Neko.

Does Russell Westbrook Eat Meat?

Yes, Russell Westbrook does eat meat. Throughout his NBA career, he has consistently emphasized the importance of eating balanced meals in order to optimize his performance on the court. To fuel himself for game days and everyday living alike, Westbrook consumes plenty of proteins from chicken, fish, and other forms of lean meats such as steak or pork.

What Foods does Russell Westbrook Eat Often?

Russell Westbrook’s nutrition plan is different from other athletes, as he aims to stay agile and keep up with the high-intensity nature of his game. He focuses on plant-based proteins and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. A typical day for Russell consists of a protein shake in the morning, vegan lunch filled with healthy carbs like sweet potatoes or whole wheat pasta, grilled tofu or tempeh as his primary source of protein, and plenty of leafy greens. When it comes to snacks, Russell loves dark chocolate-covered almonds for something sweet but also nutritious.

What Is Russell Westbrook’s Least Favourite Food?

Russell Westbrook’s least favorite food is seafood. While he used to love eating seafood when he was younger, Westbrook now avoids it due to a health scare. In an interview with The Athletic, Westbrook opened up about his experiences with doctors and how they found that certain types of fish were causing adverse reactions in his body. He stated: “I got tested for allergies and the doctor said my body was allergic to a lot of things, but mainly seafood…So I started cutting out some foods.”

Does Russell Westbrook Eat Fast Food?

Yes, Russell Westbrook does eat fast food. However, he is careful about what he eats and tries to make healthy choices whenever possible. Westbrook has spoken in the past about how he used to eat a lot of fast food when he was younger. In fact, his favorite meal used to be four double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. However, Westbrook changed his diet after realizing that it was affecting his performance on the court.


After examining the evidence, it appears that while Russell Westbrook has shown interest in veganism, he is not a vegan. While his diet may be healthier than it was prior to his injury in 2017, it does not specifically fit the lifestyle of a vegan. 

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