Is Kevin Durant Vegan?

Yes, Kevin Durant is a vegan. In 2018, he partnered with the popular plant-based meat company Beyond Meat to become one of their investors and advocates for the vegan lifestyle. He has been vocal about his decision to switch to a vegan diet in an effort to maximize his health and athletic performance. 

What is Kevin Durant’s Daily Diet?

Kevin Durant is known for being one of the most elite and successful professional athletes in the world. As a result, his daily diet is designed to help him perform at an optimal level. His meals are tailored around fueling his body with essential nutrients and keeping him healthy by avoiding processed foods, high-calorie snacks, and sugary beverages. 

Here’s what we can expect from Kevin Durant’s daily diet: 

1) Breakfast: A balanced breakfast is usually composed of eggs, oatmeal mixed with fruit or peanut butter toast with low-fat yogurt, or a smoothie made with fruits and nuts. 

2) Lunch: Lean protein sources like grilled chicken or fish with veggies like broccoli, asparagus, spinach, or kale as well as brown rice or quinoa for added health benefits and slow-burning carbs for energy throughout the day. 

3) Dinner: Other lean protein sources such as shrimp along with whole grain pasta dishes full of veggies to stay satiated longer throughout the night without spiking inflammation levels from heavier proteins like red meat that could interfere with good recovery while sleeping.

4) Snacks: A variety of them including trail mix mixed nuts; apples topped off with honey; homemade guacamole dip served alongside baked sweet potato chips.

Why Is Kevin Durant Vegan?

Kevin Durant has made waves by changing his diet to a vegan lifestyle, leaving fans wondering how and why the All-Star basketball player opted for such a dramatic dietary change. To maintain peak performance while playing in one of America’s top professional sports leagues takes discipline—it looks like Kevin is staying true to that mantra off the court too.

What Is Kevin Durant’s Favourite Food?

Kevin Durant’s diet is of the utmost importance to him. He loves food, particularly his favorites which include steak and fish. With a well-rounded meal plan that meets all dietary needs, KD has made sure he continues to perform at peak levels on the court.

Does Kevin Durant Eat Meat?

Yes, Kevin Durant does eat meat. He has been vocal about his love for food since he was young and is known to be a fan of all sorts of types of cuisine. In particular, Durant has said that red meat is one of his favorite foods. 

What Foods does Kevin Durant Eat Often?

Durant eats mostly plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, lentils, and whole grains. He maintains a balanced diet filled with nutrient-dense foods that are high in protein and antioxidants like vitamins A and E which help give him energy. 

What Is Kevin Durant Least Favourite Food?

Kevin Durant’s least favorite food might surprise some people, as it isn’t necessarily a common dislike like broccoli or Brussels sprouts. According to Kevin himself, his least favorite food is anything with mayonnaise on it! In fact, he says that he cannot stand the smell or taste of mayonnaise at all. 

Does Kevin Durant Eat Fast Food?

Yes, Kevin Durant does eat fast food on occasion. He is known to be a big fan of chicken nuggets and reportedly loves going to burger joints with his teammates. During the summer of 2018, he was spotted several times at Five Guys with Draymond Green and some of their other Golden State Warriors teammates.


Overall, it appears that Kevin Durant is indeed vegan and has been for some time. With his high profile, he is an excellent ambassador for the vegan lifestyle — setting a positive example for people of all ages around the world about what can be accomplished with a plant-based diet.

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