Is Drake Vegan?

Yes, Drake is a vegan. The popular rapper has been following the plant-based lifestyle for the past few years, reportedly becoming more vocal about it shortly after his 2018 release of Scorpion. Since then, he’s talked about making more mindful food choices and even posted pictures of his meals on Instagram.

What is Drake’s Daily Diet?


The Drake Daily Diet is an eating plan devised by Canadian rapper and singer, Drake. It combines a nutritious diet with intermittent fasting to help people reach their health and fitness goals.

Here’s what a typical day on the Drake Daily Diet looks like:

Breakfast: A smoothie made from frozen blueberries, one banana, hemp seeds, almond milk, flaxseed oil, and green tea extract or 1 cup oatmeal/quinoa flakes with chopped apple or berries plus cinnamon powder and honey.

Snack: Almonds or walnuts (1/3 cup) plus half an avocado OR 3 tablespoons protein powder mixed into Greek yogurt (plain flavor).

 Lunch: Vegetable soup plus chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat bread OR Quinoa salad bowl topped with sautéed vegetables, feta cheese crumbles, and grilled tofu cubes OR 4-ounce turkey patty burger wrapped in lettuce leaves served over brown rice pilaf seasoned with garlic and herbs.

Snack: Carrot sticks dipped in hummus OR almonds/walnuts (1/4 cup) mixed into plain Greek yogurt OR 2 hard-boiled eggs tossed together with finely chopped vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicum, etc.

 Dinner: Grilled salmon steak atop quinoa risotto cooked in a vegetable broth infused with ginger root & bay leaves plus steamed broccoli & cauliflower florets on the side OR Baked sweet potato stuffed with stir-fried zucchini & bell peppers served alongside black bean salad drizzled with olive oil & lime juice marinade; low-fat cottage cheese as garnish recommended too.

Why Is Drake Vegan?

Drake has attributed his veganism largely to a recent health scare. In January 2018, he posted an Instagram story stating that “eating red meat had made me sick for the last 6 weeks of my life…so I just stopped eating it all together.” Going further, Drake recognized how animals were treated in slaughterhouses, saying that reading up on their treatment made him change his mind about animal consumption altogether; by June 2018, he was officially vegan according to himself and various reports around the internet. 

What Is Drake’s Favourite Food?

Drake is known for his eclectic taste in music, and it turns out he also has quite the appetite. His favorite food appears to be something that can fuel performance on the stage: sushi! In an interview with Complex Magazine, Drake said “Yeah, I love me some sushi…I’m always looking for a great spot to grab some sushi before I hit the stage. It helps get my energy up so I’m ready to perform.”

Does Drake Eat Meat?

No, Drake does not eat meat. Despite the Canadian rapper’s affinity for food – referenced in countless tracks over his career – dietary restrictions have traditionally kept him from consuming any animal proteins.

What Foods does Drake Eat Often?

In interviews throughout the years, Drake has discussed his eating habits in detail. He loves to indulge in low glycemic index dishes such as sweet potatoes with vegetables or brown rice with steamed veggies. This type of food keeps him energized throughout the day while providing sustainable fuel instead of crashing from quick highs provided by oils and sugars. 

What Is Drake Least Favourite Food?

Drake is surprisingly open about his least favorite food. In a 2017 interview with Hot 97, he revealed that he’s just not a fan of mushrooms! He said “I don’t like mushrooms, I can’t do it. It’s all the same thing in different shapes, and it tastes funny. I’m just not into mushrooms at all.”

Does Drake Eat Fast Food?

Although Drake has expressed his love for a few fast-food restaurants in some of his songs, it looks like he’s not actually taking advantage of these meals. It appears that Drake is very health-conscious when it comes to his eating habits, and often prefers healthier options over greasy fast food.


As we have seen, there is much evidence that indicates that Drake is, in fact, vegan. From his personal trainer to his dedication to animal rights, it seems clear that Drake has chosen a vegan lifestyle. This is good news for both animals and the environment. Given the powerful influence of celebrities on society, perhaps more people will be inspired to try veganism when they see someone as high-profile as Drake making this important choice.

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