Is Anthony Joshua Vegan?

No, Anthony Joshua is not a vegan. However, he has been a pescatarian for several years and incorporates plant-based proteins into his diet. He follows a mostly plant-based eating plan with the occasional inclusion of fish as an additional source of protein.

What is Anthony Joshua’s Daily Diet?

is Anthony Joshua vegan

Anthony Joshua’s daily diet is one that focuses on providing his body with the nutrition it needs to perform optimally during his boxing matches. He follows a meal plan that combines lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats to ensure he has enough energy for workouts and fights.

Here’s what Anthony Joshua typically eats in a day:

Breakfast: Oats with almond butter, bananas or berries, nuts, and seeds.

Snack: Greek yogurt topped with walnuts or almonds.

Lunch: Chicken breast or fish cooked with steamed vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, or sweet potatoes.

Dinner: Grilled salmon served with quinoa salad mixed with plenty of veggies like mushrooms and spinach.

Snack alternatives/ Supplements for pre-workout fuel include whey protein shakes blended into smoothies or protein bars featuring natural ingredients like dried fruit peanut butter and raw oats.

Why Is Anthony Joshua Not Vegan?

Anthony Joshua follows what could be described as an “omnivorous” diet; meaning he eats foods from all major dietary sources – including meat and dairy products like beef, chicken, and eggs. This type of eating pattern provides athletes with an optimum balance of nutrients that are essential for growth, recovery, and performance.

When asked about why he isn’t vegan in recent interviews, Anthony Joshua has spoken honestly on the topic stating: “I’m not vegan because I need to keep my energy levels high.” He further went on to explain that he enjoys plant-based meals but also requires sources of higher-quality protein – something that can only be found when consuming animal products such as meat or eggs. 

What Is Anthony Joshua’s Favourite Food?

Anthony Joshua is a renowned heavyweight boxer who has become an inspiration to millions of people around the world. His disciplined lifestyle and hardworking attitude toward achieving success have made him one of the most successful boxers in the sport’s history. When it comes to food, Anthony Joshua likes to keep things simple and healthy – his absolute favorite food is sushi.

Does Anthony Joshua Eat Meat?

Yes, Anthony Joshua does eat meat. Although he was initially a vegetarian for some time, Joshua has said that he eventually decided to incorporate more protein sources into his diet and make the switch back to eating animal products.

What Foods does Anthony Joshua Eat Often?

Joshua has shared that his typical daily meals generally consist of protein-rich foods like wholegrain carbohydrates, and lean meats such as chicken, fish, turkey, and beef. To ensure he stays hydrated during training sessions he drinks lots of water, however, on a rest day he substitutes it for coconut water or green juices for an added boost to reenergize himself.

What Is Anthony Joshua Least Favourite Food?

Anthony Joshua’s least favorite food is definitely fish. This may come as a surprise to some, as sushi and other seafood dishes are often seen as delicacies. However, the British professional boxer has made it clear on several occasions that he isn’t a fan of any kind of seafood. 

Does  Anthony Joshua Fast Food?

Yes, Anthony Joshua does enjoy fast food on occasion. While he is careful to maintain a stringent diet while training and competing, Joshua has revealed that he occasionally splurges on some of his favorite fast food items. During a press conference in 2018, he said: “I don’t mind having the odd burger or pizza here and there—it helps with the cravings”.


By all accounts, it appears that Anthony Joshua is not a vegan. He has been photographed eating meat on multiple occasions and has even given interviews in which he discusses his love of steak. That being said, there is no evidence to suggest that Joshua has ever eaten or enjoyed a Vegan diet. If you are looking for more information on vegan athletes, check out our list of the Top Ten Vegan Athletes of All Time.