Is Venus Williams Vegan? – Her Diet Plan

Being vegan is very common these days. Many people tend to follow it for many reasons. Some protect animals, while some do it for their health or just for the hell of it. Though, being vegan is more commonly seen in actors, actresses, and even celebrities. Though it is rare for athletes, some end up choosing it. For most people, it’s just a choice at the end of the day. In the US, there are over 3.5 Million Vegans.

Venus Ebony Starr Williams is a very popular American tennis player. She has one several trophies in the past including Wimbledon and US open. Moreover, she is known to be one of the best players ever. As she is one of the most famous tennis players, many youngsters and fans look up to her. As a result, many want to lead their lifestyle as she does. Including diets. 

Turns out, that Venus Williams is a vegan. She went vegan back in 2011. Having an autoimmune disease that is very painful, controlling her diet became very important for her. As a result, she went with picking a plant-based diet. Why did she choose to go vegan? How does this change her lifestyle? What exactly does she eat and how does it help? We will discuss all these matters in this blog. 

When Venus Williams opened, She was a Vegan.

Venus Williams is one of the biggest names in tennis. She became a legend in the game of tennis after winning 7 grand slams, both singles and doubles. Venus won at Wimbledon, the US Open, and much more. She was also the world no.1 for a very long time. Her sister, Serena Williams, is also a very successful tennis player. Since 1995, her parents Richard and Oracene Williams have been coaching her.

She was born in California, the USA in 1980. Overall, her win rate is over 76 percent. She was no.1 in February 2002 for the first time. Moreover, she has also made a name as a celebrity on social media and has a huge fan following. She is definitely a role model for future athletes, especially females. 

As mentioned above, Venus Williams said in a blog that she has had Sjögren’s syndrome since 2011. She has many painful symptoms including pain and inflammation of the joints. Because of these, it was a risk to return to the court. As a diagnosis, her doctors were telling her to move to a plant-based diet. And after that, she went vegan. 

How long has Venus Williams Been Vegan?

As mentioned above, Venus Williams went vegan back in 2011. That was over a decade ago. Describing her experience, she has nothing but positivity. She describes in a blog that going vegan has been helping with her syndrome very effectively. Moreover, it has been helping her keep her shape. 

Moreover, she said that she has been calling herself more of a “chegan” or a cheating vegan. She has her chicken and eggs and cheese every once in a while. But overall, she likes to stay careful about what she keeps and puts in her body. After all, staying fit is a very important aspect of the sport and her lifestyle.

For some more wellness and nutrition, she likes to take some supplements. Her company “Happy Viking” has been producing vegan protein supplements. Overall, it helps fill the gap of the product in the market. 

Venus Williams Diet Plan 

On a day for Venus Williams, she has to have the right amount of nutrients and calories. She makes sure to add in the things she needs without being overly unhealthy. This includes some leaves of foods like meat, sugar, and so on. She also avoids many processed foods and other sorts of preservatives. 

Through her diet plan, Venus Williams plans on making sure that she is getting the right energy. She makes sure that she isn’t feeling tired after a hard workout. The Happy Viking plant-based protein powder, it has been helping her a lot to maintain it. 

What is Venus Williams Eat For Breakfast 

Venus Williams tends to take it easy with breakfast. Mostly, she just has a smoothie. She adds a variety of berries, some of the Happy Viking plant-based protein powder, and some other fruits. Also, she has a fruit bowl or salad. If she is craving something sweet, she adds a couple more dates to the smoothie. That pretty much wraps it up!

What is Venus Williams Eat For Lunch 

For lunch, Venus likes to have some rice and sweet potatoes. To spice it up, she adds some sauces and ranch. If she doesn’t have any time she tends to have a green smoothie or a power drink. She even eats at some of her favorite restaurants if she has time. Overall, she likes to depend on the situation. 

What is Venus Williams Eat For dinner 

Mostly, she has some sautéed vegetables and some lentils. If she feels like it, she has a vegan burger from lentils. Adding some sauce, spinach, tomatoes, and other toppings, she spices up the burger overall. Other than this, she has some quinoa and some salad.

When It comes to sweets, Venus likes to keep it simple. She has a couple of dates or some all-natural granola with some nuts and fruits. Other than that, some dairy-free ice cream is also on the table sometimes. 


Venus Williams is a very popular and successful athlete. So, she tries to eat according to her needs to keep fit. As a result, she follows a healthy vegan lifestyle to help her achieve the fitness needed on the court. 

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