Is Tony Robbins Vegan? – His Diet Plan 

In the modern age, people are much more aware of their surroundings. They tend to care about the environment and what they eat a lot. This of course, puts on a very positive impact. Nowadays, being vegetarian or vegan is a lifestyle. Some do it to be conscious about their health and surroundings as well. As a result, many famous and well known celebrities are vegan as well.

One of these celebrities happens to be Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is a very popular personality. He is a role model for many young people in the world. Turns out, he is also very conscious about what he puts into his body. Overall, he is getting older, and he likes to keep it that way. Is he a vegan? When did he become a vegan? Why is he a vegan? We will look into all these questions in this blog post. 

Many young people who follow Tony Robbins get a confusing answer when they ask about his diet. And turns out, it is very simple except for some parts. Overall, he has a very busy day and work is just in his blood. So, he tends to eat energetic foods. From the start, he has been a healthy eater. Generally, he has a huge build and a strong one as well. 

When Tony Robbins opened, He Was A Vegan

Tony Robbins is a very popular person. His full name is Anthony Joe Robbins. He is a coach, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and philanthropist. Tony is mainly known for his public speaking and seminars, offering advice to young businessmen. His self-help books “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power” are also very popular. 

He was born in 1960. At the start, he went into promoting and slowly made his way into counseling and business. Through this, he has counseled many celebrities like Hugh Jackman. He has also been appearing in many TV shows and films. Sometimes even in reality shows and series. 

Most of his fans and followers were asking a lot about his diet. Generally, he went vegan with his trainer Billy Beck III. Beck is already known in Hollywood and has a reputation in the industry. As Tony was realizing that he was getting older and he didn’t have the same amount of energy, he took the chance. And about 5 years ago, Tony went vegan.

For how long has Tony Robbins been Vegan

Tony Robbins has a very busy day. As a result, he looks to pack it in with some energetic foods. As he said in an interview, he was realizing that his body was getting older. Because of it, he was discussing ways to boost his energy. 

Moreover, with the help of Billy Beck, he transitioned into his vegan lifestyle. From the end of 2016, he became a vegan. Since then, he has been describing it as amazing. The lifestyle has helped him gain a lot of energy. For the last four years, the lifestyle has been helping him get through his busy days. With the seminars and loads of speaking, the diet has been nothing less than helping. 

Nowadays, the vegan and vegetarian diet is very popular. In the United States, more than 3.5 million people are vegan. Some nations like Sri Lanka, more than half of the country is vegetarian. 

Tony Robbins Diet Plan 

As mentioned in this blog, Tony Robbins tends to have a lot of energetic foods. Though, he has a simple plan overall. Apart from some things, he likes to keep it simple and fast. He has a lot of things to do in his day, so saving time is very helpful. Tony creates some varieties here and there by adding in some things. 

Before going fully vegan, Tony Robbins tried getting all his protein from fishes. His nutritionist Beck had also been advising him on it. Later, he found that his blood had a lot of Mercury in it. As it was dangerous, Tony Robbins went back.

What is Tony Robbins Eat For Breakfast 

Generally, Tony Robbins tends to keep it very simple and light for Breakfast. Firstly, he adds green powder for extra vitamin C, some quercetin, Hesperidin and rutin. The drink is known as the Adrenal support drink. The citrusy drink is used by Tony Robbins and many of Beck’s other clients as an immune booster.

After the drink, Tony Robbins has a very simple breakfast of some free range eggs. He accompa8ns the eggs with some organic coconut bread. 

What is Tony Robbins Eat For Lunch 

For Lunch, Tony Robbins has a huge salad. It contains avocado, greens like spinach and cabbage and so on. He sprinkles some extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan sea salt. The lunch is enough to keep someone’s stomach full without overloading with calories. With all this, Tony Robbins adds some lemon juice. Overall, he has a lot of greens in his diet. 

Later on the day, he has a replacement shake to replace his protein rich meals. This keeps his metabolism going well. 

What is Tony Robbins Eat For Dinner 

Tony Robbins looks to complete the day with some clean food. He picks a protein source containing no hormones, heavy metals or other preservatives. Alongside that, he has a lot of salad, roasted potatoes, asparagus, broccoli and other greens he cooks all of these with coconut oil or even extra virgin olive oil. 


So, Tony Robbins, a very successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, is in fact a vegan. After going vegan, he settled on an organic, energy filled diet. He has tried to go heavy on fish protein, but that became dangerous. As a result, for the last 4 years or so, Tony Robbins has been following an organic vegan diet. Overall, it is a very healthy and energetic diet that helps him control his body and metabolism very well. Moreover, it is a great one to follow.  

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