Is Stevie Wonder Vegan? – His Diet Plan  

Veganism is one of the most popular lifestyles that are out today. In the modern world, many people are adopting different kinds of lifestyles. This is a result of both self improvement and also to protest against other wrongdoings of the world. One of these happen to be veganism.

Veganism means to completely stop using anything that involves animals. This includes food, clothes, and everything in between. Many people around the world do it for self improvement and sometimes out of their love for animals. Generally, the dairy factories and other industries exploit animals in cruel ways overall. 

Many celebrities around the world are vegan and they promote the vegan lifestyle openly. One of these celebrities happen to be one of the most legendary musicians of all time. Because of his fame and legacy, many of the fans of Stevie Wonder have been curious about his diet. So, in this blog post, we will be answering most of the questions regarding Stevie Wonder’s Diet Plan.

When Stevie Wonder Opened, He Was A Vegan

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Hardaway Morris is one of the most popular musicians in the world. Most popularly, he is known as Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder was born in the 1950s. After that, he has been pioneering in the music industry for a very long time. Generally, he still has a huge influence over the industry.

Stevie Wonder is known to make a lot of genres of music popular. Some of these are jazz, funk, gospel, and many more. Along with Elton John, Ray Charles, and so on, Stevie Wonder is known as one of the most legendary musicians of modern music. He was put into the Hollywood Hall of Fame back in 1989. 

The legend, along with his music, is also a vegan for over half a decade now. He announced in 2016, that he was vegan. Generally, he has been vegan for about 8 years now, and has been lovin it ever since. He said that he first changed into veganism for the health benefits, and has been sticking around for them as well.

Since When Has Stevie Wonder Been Vegan?

There is no doubt that Stevie Wonder is one of the biggest stars in the world. After pioneering in many genres and songs, he has also won almost all awards. Including international awards as well. Stevie Wonder has also won over 25 Grammys, the most famous and respected award of them all. His most famous songs include “Fingertips”, “For once in my life”, “As”, and so on. 

Moreover, Stevie Wonder has had health issues from being a child. Since birth, he is blind. Dealing with all problems, he still came out to be one of the most famous singers of all time. His brand and style of singing has mainly made him popular in these years. Soul, R and B, and a lot of genres take a lot of inspiration from him. Singers like Michael Bublè and many more r&b or soul singers take in a lot of inspiration from him. Because of all the legacy, many people have been interested in his lifestyle. Along with this, his diet is a fan favorite. 

Stevie Wonder first announced that he was vegan in 2016. He said in the interview that he has been vegan since 2014. He first made the change for health reasons as he had to deal with a lot of them. Stevie Wonder also said that being vegan has been helping him a lot in the health sector as well.

Stevie Wonder Diet Plan 

Stevie Wonder has been a legend of music for a long time. Because of his business, age and overall health issues, his diet has to be specific. He has been dealing with all these problems for a long time, and the vegan diet helps in keeping his energy intact.

Generally, Stevie Wonder maintains a diet plan that will keep him healthy. At his 70s, he needs the energy and metabolism to be strong. Either way, the diet plan that he follows helps him keep most of the needed things in place. Overall, he is very healthy for his age as well. 

What is Stevie Wonder eat for Breakfast 

Stevie Wonder likes to start off his day light. He has a lot of greens and some fruits to start off his day. Also, he has some juice and other sorts of vegan food to start off. Generally, his breakfast tends to be energetic, light, and not too hard on the tummy. Just enough to keep him going till lunch. 

What is Stevie Wonder eat for Lunch 

For Lunch, Stevie Wonder seems to go a little heavier. Generally, Stevie Wonder is a huge fan of soul food. So, Stevie mixes it up with some traditional food to satisfy his appetite. His menu consists of mac and cheese, greens and a lot of vegetables. Of course, Stevie Wonder eats the Vegan version of most of the dairy products. Overall, it keeps him healthy. 

What is Stevie Wonder eat for Dinner 

Stevie Wonder, again, goes heavy on the dinner as well. He has a lot of vegetables like beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, and so on. Mostly, he roasts the vegetables to add some extra flavor. Again, Stevie Wonder is a huge fan of soul food and tries to incorporate the culture as well. Overall, the dinner keeps his metabolism in check and also satisfies his taste buds the same way. 


Stevie Wonder is a dedicated vegan. He has chosen the vegan lifestyle in order to keep his lifestyle and diet in check. Because of his vast Fame, his fan base is very interested in his diet and lifestyle. His diet is a very complete blend of soul food and also his vegan interests. Overall, it is enough to keep his health and fitness aligned.

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