Is Phil Mickelson Vegan?

No, Phil Mickelson is not vegan. While the golf legend has made some changes to his diet in recent years to become leaner and improve his performance on the course, he does not follow a strict vegan lifestyle. According to a 2008 article from The Independent, Mickelson’s daily routine includes a breakfast of two poached eggs with toast and honey butter as well as protein shakes for lunch and dinner filled with whey protein powder. Other sources also suggest that Phil is still an avid fan of red meat; although it seems he’s scaled back considerably in recent times.

What is Phil Mickelson’s Daily Diet?

Phil Mickelson is a world-renowned professional golfer who has been playing the game for decades. He has achieved tremendous success in the sport, winning 44 PGA Tour titles and five major championships across his long career. To stay at an elite level of performance, Phil clearly follows a strict daily diet to make sure he optimizes his health and energy levels.

Here we will explore what’s on Phil’s plate on an average day:

Breakfast: On most days, Phil starts off with oatmeal or scrambled eggs with green vegetables as part of a balanced breakfast that also includes half of an avocado or some nuts for extra protein and healthy fats. He occasionally enjoys some pancakes or french toast as well!

Lunch: For lunch, Phil usually opts for lean proteins such as grilled chicken breasts, turkey burgers, tuna salad wraps, shrimp tacos, or salmon cakes paired with brown rice and steamed vegetables like broccoli or spinach. This ensures he gets enough nutrients to keep him energized throughout the afternoon.

Snacks: Snacking plays an important role in keeping hunger cravings away throughout the day while providing extra nutrition — Phil often snacks on yogurt smoothies mixed with fruits like banana and blueberries; almonds; protein bars; guacamole topped whole grain crackers; celery sticks with peanut butter; high-protein cottage cheese mixed with fruit juice & chia seeds among other nutritious options.

 Dinner: Last but not least comes dinner — here he keeps things light by opting for more lean proteins (salmon fillets are one of his favorites), alongside sautéed green veggies seasoned lightly to taste alongside sweet potato fries roasted in olive oil & spices finished off with small portion from a complex carbohydrate source such as wild rice.

Why Is Phil Mickelson Not Vegan?

Phil Mickelson is not vegan for a few reasons. First, he is an accomplished golfer with a long and successful career, and he has said that his diet plays an important role in his performance on the course. As such, he focuses on eating nutritious foods that provide him with the energy and fuel he needs to succeed—and unfortunately, animal products are often part of that equation. 

Second, Phil’s family comes first—both his immediate family as well as his extended “golf family” (other players and coaches). He knows that many people rely on him to stay healthy so they can play their best golf games, so if going vegan worked against achieving this goal then it was probably something Phil would avoid doing. 

What Is Phil Mickelson’s Favourite Food?

Phil Mickelson is one of the best golfers in history and he’s also known for his diverse pallet. His favorite food includes a variety of quality dishes from around the world, but some of his top picks are steaks, seafood, pasta dishes, and Mexican cuisine. 

When it comes to steak, Phil loves well-seasoned cuts that have been cooked to perfection such as filet mignon or porterhouse with potatoes on the side. He also enjoys a good steak sandwich with melted cheese on it and a glass of bold red wine to wash it down with. 

Does Phil Mickelson Eat Meat?

Yes, Phil Mickelson does eat meat. He has been known to be an avid meat eater and has been seen at professional tournaments eating burgers, steaks, and other types of meat. Throughout his long career as a professional golfer, he has maintained his diet which includes plenty of protein derived from animal sources.

What Foods Does Phil Mickelson Eat Often?

Phil has stated that part of his diet focuses on eating healthy and maintaining a balance between proteins and carbohydrates. He likes to eat lean protein-rich foods like fish, chicken breast, egg whites, turkey slices, nuts, and seeds. He also enjoys pasta dishes such as fettuccine alfredo or linguini with clams which provide complex carbohydrates for energy and muscle recovery.

What Is Phil Mickelson Least Favourite Food?

In an interview with Men’s Health magazine, Phil said “crab legs are definitely not my favorite”. He then went on to explain that despite being born and raised near the Pacific Ocean in San Diego California, he doesn’t enjoy eating seafood at all. This aligns with what he wrote in his autobiography “The Open: My Story” where Phil recounts the time when he was eight years old and had asked for crab for dinner only to find out that it was indeed “not as good as [he] had hoped.” 

Does Phil Mickelson Eat Fast Food?

Yes, Phil Mickelson does eat fast food on occasion. In fact, Phil’s diet has been described as being surprisingly indulgent and diverse. He is known to enjoy a wide range of cuisine, from Mexican dishes to unhealthy snacks and fast food favorites like burgers, pizza, and French fries.


After looking at Phil Mickelson’s diet and reading his thoughts on food, it seems that he is not vegan. While he doesn’t eat meat very often, he does occasionally eat chicken or fish. His stance on food appears to be that he believes in eating healthy and listening to his body. He has also said in the past that he thinks being vegan is a “fad.” So based on all of this evidence, it seems safe to say that Phil Mickelson is not currently a vegan.

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