Is Katy Perry Vegan?

Katy Perry hasn’t quite gone vegan yet, but she’s 95 percent there. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, she said, “I’m 95 percent there and I’d be fully vegan if I didn’t love cheese too much.”

She also mentioned that her diet is mostly plant-based and that she’s been cooking more meals at home lately. “I’ve been eating a lot of tofu and vegetables,” she said. “I’ve been reading about the benefits of veganism and how it’s not only good for the body but also the environment.”

It sounds like Katy is close to making the full switch to veganism, and we applaud her efforts!

What Is Katy Perry’s Daily Diet?

Katy Perry’s diet consists of healthy, balanced meals that include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

She typically starts her day with a breakfast of oatmeal or eggs, and then snacks on fresh fruit or veggies throughout the day. For lunch, she’ll usually eat a salad or sandwich, and for dinner she’ll have another healthy meal such as fish or chicken.

Of course, Katy also enjoys treats like ice cream and chocolate, but she keeps these to a moderate amount and makes sure that the majority of her diet is made up of nutritious foods. By eating this way, she ensures that her body gets the energy it needs to perform at its best while still maintaining a healthy weight.

Vegan Donuts

The singer took her vocals to new levels by using cashew milk instead of cow’s. The cleaner the food – closer to God she said with a smile before leaving the stage after delivering an impassioned performance that left everyone feeling alive again.

With her mouth full of plant-based treats, Perry answered a series of questions from the Wall Street Journal’s ECO beat reporter.

When asked what food she would cook for a panel, the star said: “I like Impossible Meat’s new line of meatloaf. It doesn’t have all those pesky calories and carbs like other brands do! Plus it tastes great too so now I can enjoy an alternative on top of bad foods without feeling guilty.”

Katy Perry Loves Dogs

Perry’s life is always evolving. He had two other dogs before Nugget and Butters, but now there are three! Apart from his fur babies he also fathered daughter Daisy in August with Bloom as dad to Flynn 9 whom he shares with an ex-wife (Miranda).

Meet Katy Perry’s dog, Nugget! The famous pop star’s pup is no stranger to the spotlight and often accompanies her on high-profile events. But now it seems that this little micro teacup Poodle has had enough of watching from behind – she wants more than just being someone’s errand or accessory; instead they are becoming a star in their own right with all eyes turned towards them as we speak…

Katy Perry’s two dogs are no strangers to the spotlight. Every time she posts a picture of them on social media, fans pour in immense amounts of love and likes! They not only share Katy’s sun but sometimes they steal her thunder too- as can be seen from how often there is content related solely about these pups without any mention from their master at all.

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