Is James Harden Vegan?

No, James Harden is not vegan. However, he has been vocal about taking part in a plant-based diet. In an interview with ESPN’s Get Up!, Harden said that he “had gone completely plant based for two weeks” and was feeling much better because of it. He also admitted that he’s still working on his diet and trying to get it right as far as eating the right foods for his body and performance on the court.

What are James Harden Daily Diet?

James Harden, the electrifying guard for the Houston Rockets, is one of the most gifted athletes in professional basketball. His dedication to his craft and his remarkable physical prowess have made him one of the game’s all-time greats. In addition to rigorous training and competition, James’ success is also due in no small part to his careful consideration of what he puts into his body.

So exactly what does it take for a professional athlete like James Harden to stay at peak performance? Let’s take a closer look at James’ daily diet:

1) Breakfast: A plate of oatmeal with almond or peanut butter and some fresh fruit; protein shake that contains whey isolate powder or vegan protein powder; glass of orange juice with added omega 3 fatty acids

2) Mid-morning snack: Greek yogurt with honey drizzled overtop; handful almonds or walnuts

3) Lunch: Salmon steak served with brown rice and grilled vegetables; green salad dressed lightly in olive oil.

4) Afternoon snack: Protein bar such as Quest Bar; banana smoothie blended with coconut milk

5) Dinner: Pasta dish made from whole wheat noodles combined with vegetarian proteins such as black beans or quinoa along with sautéed spinach leaves or kale; glass green tea afterwards for digestion

Why Is James Harden Not Vegan?

James Harden is not vegan for a variety of reasons. For starters, he has stated that his body needs more protein than what veganism provides. He’s also spoken about the health benefits of eating animal products on a regular basis and believes that it helps him to stay in peak physical performance while playing basketball as an NBA superstar.

What Is James Harden Favourite Food?

James Harden is known to have an impressive appetite, and his favorite food is no exception. According to various sources, the Houston Rocket’s all-star guard loves seafood dishes, including crab legs and lobster. He also has a preference for Italian food such as pasta and pizza. But if we were to narrow it down even further, James’ go-to snacks are said to be chicken drumsticks oven roasted with garlic powder and chili powder.

Does James Harden Eat Meat?

Yes, James Harden does eat meat. He has stated in interviews that he consumes a range of food options including poultry, fish, and beef. However, he is also health conscious and therefore opts for leaner cuts of meat rather than fatty ones.

What Foods James Harden Eat Often?

Harden begins his day with a breakfast of oatmeal and scrambled eggs. He starts with some whole grain oatmeal mixed with chia seeds, blueberries, banana slices, almond slivers, cinnamon, and honey. The eggs are cooked with diced mushrooms (for extra protein) as well as spinach leaves or kale for added nutrients.

What Is James Harden Least Favourite Food?

It is uncertain what James Harden’s least favorite food is, as the NBA All-Star has not revealed what food he dislikes. However, we do know that Harden enjoys a wide variety of foods, including seafood such as crab and shrimp, Mexican cuisine like burritos and tacos, pizza, chicken dishes like fried chicken and wings, ramen noodles, steaks—both ribeye and sirloin varieties—and some desserts such as red velvet cake.

Does James Harden Fast Food?

Yes, James Harden does eat fast food. In fact, he’s quite fond of it and often frequents some of the most popular chain restaurants out there. However, this doesn’t mean that’s all he eats on a daily basis – far from it in fact.


James Harden is not vegan. He follows a pescatarian diet, which means he eats seafood but no other animal products. This diet allows him to get the protein and nutrients he needs to perform at his best on the court. While he has made some changes to his diet in recent years, it does not appear that he has completely eliminated all animal products from his diet.

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