Is Djokovic Vegan?

Djokovic’s diet is largely plant-based and gluten free, but he does not like to be called vegan. The famous tennis player avoids meat or any animal products for that matter in order to maintain his health qualities on the court.

Djokovic has never said he is a full vegan, and in an interview with Time Magazine last year the tennis star even admitted that while everyone else avoided meat for health reasons or ethical issues like factory farms; they also didn’t want any dairy products either. So what do we know? He appreciates people who eat fish & Meat but still remains unclear about his own dietary habits!

Djokovic Daily Diet

It is said that adopting a strict gluten and dairy-free diet helped take Novak Djokovic from the brink of failure to becoming champion.

When the best players in tennis were younger than he was, it was difficult for 34-year old Kevin Anderson to compete. Mentally he felt out of place and his physicality couldn’t catch up with them.”

“I was always determined,” he said, “even at a young age.” He went on to explain how his work ethic had been there from day one- when as a six year old with a perfectly packed tennis bag full of books for school too!

“It’s not that I was a particularly unhealthy orffer before, but something happened one day to turn everything around. That ‘something’ introduced an X-factor into my life which helped me get on track with achieving all of the physical and mental health benefits you could imagine.”

It’s true that I’m not on the brink of failure, but it would be nice if my ambitions came true.

When I was a sports reporter, fan and occasional tennis player who has spent the better part of my life writing about Novak Djokovic’s diet; it only made sense that for one week-long experiment with him as our subject – I would give this new eating plan (known simply “The Serbian Star”) by Dr Otto Peacock an honest go.

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player who has been blogging about the health benefits of his diet for years. He claims that by following these dietary guidelines, he’s able to play better and more comfortably than ever before while still enjoying life off-the court as well!

In addition improved digestive system performance along with less joint pain or inflammation are just three examples on what can happen when you eat right; whether this means increased energy levels during workouts which will make them last longer thanks in part because there isn’t any fatigue from heavy traffic moving around inside our bodies anymore–or simply feeling rejuvenated after exercise due largely thanks not only how good we feel.

The author of the foreword for “Serve To Win,” Dr. William Davis says that gluten can trigger ‘mind fog’ and disrupt your hormones, which will hinder athletic performance

The evidence is conflicting on whether or how much gluten impacts our health, but it’s worth noting that some studies have found Davis’ claims to be unsubstantiated.

Novak Djokovic Loves Dogs

Yes, it’s true! Novak Djokovic is a big animal lover and has even said that his dogs are his “best friends.” In fact, one of his dogs (a German shepherd named Bobo) often travels with him to tournaments.

Djokovic has been a vocal advocate for animal rights, and in 2012 he launched the Novak Djokovic Foundation which helps to provide shelter, food, medical assistance, and education to stray animals in Serbia. He also supports Humane Society International’s work to end the dog meat trade. So it’s clear that Djokovic really cares about animals and their well-being.

The world’s most famous tennis player, Djokovic has become so in-love with his own toy poodle Pierre that he tweets about him constantly. Recently the two million followers on Twitter got an update when they heard how their favorite furry friend had been adopted by someone who loves dogs just as much – if not more!

The new owner also happens to be from Dogs Trust and came all the way over here for play date time. So now it is YOUR turn guys… let’s help them find Her Home together!!

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