Is Carson Wentz Vegan?

No, Carson Wentz is not vegan. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback follows a mostly plant-based diet and avoids meat, however, he also occasionally eats fish or poultry during the season. According to his former nutritionist Leslie Bonci in 2017: “Carson Wentz’s diet consists of much of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. He still eats some lean proteins such as skinless chicken and non-breaded fish. He does not eat red meat or pork…He’s really focusing on getting adequate amounts of protein from high-quality sources like salmon, tuna, nuts, and seeds.” 

What is Carson Wentz’s Daily Diet?

is Carson Wentz vegan

Carson Wentz’s diet is one that focuses on clean, nutritious foods and a balanced approach to nutrition. As the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, he has to maintain an optimal level of health and energy in order to perform at his best.

In order to meet these needs, Carson consumes five smaller meals throughout the day containing lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. His typical daily diet consists of:

-Breakfast: oatmeal or eggs with spinach or turkey bacon; smoothie with protein powder

-Snack 1: Greek yogurt topped with nuts or nut butter; protein bar

-Lunch: grilled fish/chicken over salad greens with avocado; quinoa bowl

-Snack 2: veggie sticks with hummus; hard-boiled egg; trail mix      -Dinner: stir fry vegetables over brown rice/quinoa with chicken/tofu & nuts; salmon over kale salad

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Why Is Carson Wentz Not Vegan?

Carson Wentz is not vegan due to a variety of factors. Though he has spoken positively about plant-based diets and how they can benefit one’s health, he has stated that his body doesn’t respond as well as he had hoped when eating exclusively vegan meals.

What Is Carson Wentz’s Favourite Food?

Carson Wentz is a passionate foodie who loves trying new and unique flavors. According to his Instagram, Wentz’s favorite food is roasted, specifically rib eye or brisket cooked low and slow on the smoker. He also has an affinity for sushi and entrees at Mexican restaurants that feature guacamole and fresh ingredients. Beyond these favorites, Wentz enjoys exploring new dishes from all over the globe. As he says himself, “I love what food represents: everybody coming together with different cultural backgrounds and cuisines to enjoy something that brings us all closer together in fellowship!”

Does Carson Wentz Eat Meat?

Yes, Carson Wentz does eat meat. The Eagles quarterback has been vegan for a few months but recently returned to an omnivorous diet. In 2018, he said in an interview with that he chose to go plant-based due to his Christian faith and wanting the best for the environment, but changed back because of how it impacted his performance on the field.

What Foods does Carson Wentz Eat Often?

Panthers quarterback Carson Wentz is known for his commitment to both a healthy lifestyle and great nutrition. According to his dietician, he emphasizes eating primarily whole, plant-based foods that are unprocessed and organic whenever possible. On any given day, Wentz’s plate includes lean proteins like salmon and grilled chicken breast, complex carbs like sweet potatoes and whole grain rice, leafy greens such as spinach or kale, healthy fats from avocados and nuts/seeds, plus lots of brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

What Is Carson Wentz’s Least Favourite Food?

Carson Wentz’s least favorite food may surprise you, considering he is an NFL quarterback who has access to the best of the best when it comes to nutrition and food. In a 2017 interview with, Carson addressed this very question in detail. When asked what his least favorite food was he exclaimed “I’m not a big fan of mushrooms!” Apparently, the texture and taste just don’t do it for him.

Does Carson Wentz Eat Fast Food?

Carson Wentz doesn’t appear to eat fast food, at least not regularly. As a professional NFL quarterback, he’s constantly working to maintain his health and fitness so he can bring peak performance to the field every Sunday.


Carson Wentz, a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is currently not following a vegan lifestyle. He has been open about his faith and his overall healthy living mantra, which includes focusing on eating right.