Is Anne Curtis Vegan?


The renowned Filipino actress and television host, recognized for her roles in movies and her presence in the showbiz industry, has often shared about her diet and fitness routines, but a full transition to Veganism has not been among them.

Anne Curtis and Healthy Living

While not a vegan, Anne Curtis has always emphasized the importance of healthy living. Her dedication to fitness is evident in her regular workouts, marathon participation, and her general advocacy for an active lifestyle.

Popular Diets in the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich culinary heritage with an array of dishes that rely heavily on meat, fish, and dairy. However, with the rise of health consciousness and environmental awareness, vegan and vegetarian diets are gradually gaining popularity.

Challenges of Adopting Veganism

For many Filipinos, adopting a vegan diet can be challenging due to cultural, traditional, and sometimes economic reasons. Many traditional dishes are meat-based, and finding vegan alternatives might not always be straightforward.

Anne Curtis’s Favorite Dishes

Anne has shared some of her favorite dishes in interviews and on her social media:

  • Breakfast: Tapsi log (a traditional Filipino meal).
  • Lunch: Sinigang (a sour soup).
  • Dinner: Adobo (a popular Filipino dish).

Note: The aforementioned dishes have meat versions, but they can be adapted to vegan variants

FAQ: Anne Curtis and Her Dietary Choices

Is Anne Curtis vegan?

No, as of the last update, Anne Curtis has not publicly declared herself as vegan. She has, however, emphasized healthy living and fitness in her lifestyle.

How does Anne Curtis promote healthy living?

Anne Curtis is an advocate for an active lifestyle. She frequently shares her fitness routines, participates in marathons, and encourages her followers to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

Are vegan and vegetarian diets popular in the Philippines?

While the Philippines has a culinary culture that heavily relies on meat, fish, and dairy, there is a growing trend towards veganism and vegetarianism, driven by health consciousness and environmental concerns.

Why might it be challenging for Filipinos to adopt veganism?

Many traditional Filipino dishes are meat-based, making it a cultural challenge to transition. Additionally, finding vegan alternatives might be complicated in some regions, given the economic and availability factors.

What are some of Anne Curtis’s favorite traditional Filipino dishes?

Anne has often expressed her love for dishes like Tapsi log, Sinigang, and Adobo. While these dishes typically contain meat or fish, they can be adapted to vegan versions.

How can traditional Filipino dishes be made vegan?

Many Filipino dishes can be made vegan by substituting meat with tofu, tempeh, or plant-based meat alternatives. For instance, Adobo can be made using tofu instead of chicken or pork, and Sinigang can utilize various vegetables without the traditional fish or pork.


Anne Curtis, with her influential presence in the Filipino entertainment industry, exemplifies the importance of personal choices in diet and lifestyle. While she has not publicly embraced veganism, her commitment to healthy living and fitness resonates with many. In the larger landscape of the Philippines, where culinary traditions are deeply rooted in meat and dairy, the rising interest in veganism and vegetarianism signifies a shift towards health consciousness and environmental responsibility.

Whether one chooses a plant-based diet or adheres to traditional Filipino culinary practices, the key lies in making informed, respectful choices that align with individual beliefs and circumstances. As conversations around diet and sustainability continue to evolve, figures like Anne Curtis play a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions and choices.

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